5/11 FDA meeting

5/11 FDA meeting

DATE :        Wednesday, May 11, noon

LOCATION: East Ocean Seafood Restaurant , Alameda, CA



Cindy Ford, Import Operation

Darlene Almogela, Director, Investigations Branch, San Francisco District

Jeanmaire Hryshko, Supervisory Investigator, San Francisco Office

Juan Morales, Supervisor, San Francisco District Office

Keeshunna Daniels, Supervisory consumer Safety Officer

Maria Leong, Airam

David Eisenberg, Anresco

Charleene Bizily, Anresco

Gary Cooper, Attorney

Taylor Chow, American Tai Wah

Maria Wong, Prince of Peace

Andrew Lei, CPA

Lynn Jing, Dalian Gaishi Food

George Shao, SDS

New Horizon



-FDA gave an introduction on the Automated Commercial Environment/International Trade Data System  (ACE/ITDS). ACE is a single access point  where industry can electronically submit all data to various government agencies including CBP, FDA and other 46 agencies. ACE has been online for FDA, the ACS entry portal will be closed on 6/15. FDA urged all importers to make sure their Customs brokers were ACE  system ready. Even ACS entry is still working in the meantime,, using ACE would be much faster for FDA to handle your entry. (Need to know more about ACE, go to FDA Seminar 6/15 by click link –>FDA ACE Seminar Registration Here!

– Q: FDA’s timeline of Document Review

A: Depends on item. Delay might be caused by the result of other branch’s investigation.

– Q: # 02-02 couldn’t be found in Import Alert any more

A:  # 02-02 has been retired. Alert for filth on rice sticks could be under other #s.

– Q: What is the best way to contact FDA

A:  FDA suggested to email or call to the general mail box or phone line, do not send the enquiry to supervisor’s email unless you are asked to. Since the general email will be checked and answered by all supervisors while a specific supervisor may not be available at the time.

– Q: We all knew Dry Mushroom (Shitaki Mushroom) needs to soak and wash before cooking, why FDA so strict to test pesticide on it?

– A : By FDA record, pesticide not only has found from the surface, but inside of the some sample. It might because the culture base of the mushroom has been heavily pesticide contaminated. If so, the contamination could not be removed by soaking and washing.

FDA Import Contact-0001.jpg

FDA Import Contact-0001.jpg