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Relations with Intergovernmental Organizations (IGO) and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO)



Consultative status with UNIDO offers many advantages for NGOs and IGOs. It enables them to participate in UNIDO's policymaking sessions and engage in global debates, allowing them to advocate for industrial development priorities. Consultative status also grants access to valuable information, reports, and data on industrial development, empowering organizations to shape their strategies effectively. NGOs and IGOs with consultative status have enhanced opportunities for networking and establishing partnerships with other stakeholders committed to industrial development. Additionally, the recognition by UNIDO enhances their visibility, credibility, and reputation, attracting funding, support, and collaboration from various sources. Finally, consultative status enables NGOs and IGOs to align their efforts with UNIDO's sustainable development agenda and advocate for inclusive and sustainable industrial growth.

How to get involved

NGOs and IGOs are encouraged to initiate collaboration with UNIDO by engaging in joint projects before applying for consultative status. To submit an application for consultative status, please follow the appropriate checklist below and submit your application here

For questions and further information, please contact us at