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Reporting misconduct

Investigation identity

UNIDO does not, under any circumstances, tolerate the diversion of resources dedicated to promoting sustainable industrial development in developing countries and countries with economies in transition, and applies the zero-tolerance principle.

Whom to write to?

Any person who has knowledge of misconduct by any individuals working for, or doing business with, UNIDO is urged to report such information to the Office of Evaluation and Internal Oversight (EIO) through any of the following means:


What to write?

Whichever route you choose to provide information, please review your submission to ensure that it contains all the information that you have, and in particular that it includes, to the extent possible, all of the following:

  • Who is engaged? Provide name, title, contact details of all persons who you think are engaged in committing the misconduct.
  • What UNIDO project or operation is concerned? If you can, please include name of relevant UNIDO project, office, etc.
  • What happened? Describe the events as precisely as possible.
  • When did it happen? Dates, time, how many times, etc.
  • Where did it happen? Include not only the city and country, but if possible an actual address, the name of the building, the office number, etc.
  • Why were the disputed actions undertaken?

Please share any specific evidence (e.g. documentation, witnesses) that you are aware of or have at your disposal.

What are the types of misconduct?

EIO investigates only allegations that could constitute misconduct. Misconduct encompasses all breaches of conduct and all forms of wrongdoing which include, but are not limited to:

  • fraud, misrepresentation, and all forms of deceitful or dishonest practices;
  • all forms of financial irregularities;
  • abuse of position, including for personal gain or gain by another;
  • misuse of UNIDO-entrusted funds, including for personal gain or gain by another;
  • conflicts of interest where, for example, a duty to disclose the conflict is knowingly or recklessly violated or circumvented;
  • corrupt, coercive, collusive, and obstructive practices;
  • harassment, including sexual harassment, abuse of authority, and discrimination;
  • sexual exploitation and abuse;
  • retaliation;
  • abuse or misuse of UNIDO property or funds, including those related to travel, benefits, allowances, or petty cash; and
  • mismanagement and waste of resources.

Allegations of misconduct against the Director, EIO and staff of the Internal Oversight Unit within EIO should be directed to the Director General.

Can I remain anonymous?

Allegations may be made anonymously. If you prefer to remain anonymous, EIO will respect your wish not to give your name. It should be noted that anonymous allegations are often more difficult to pursue as there may be no way to clarify the information provided or ask questions.

If you choose to remain anonymous, please consider providing a means for EIO to contact you if further information or clarification is needed. For example, using a free web-based e-mail address (e.g. yahoo or gmail) with a pseudonym (assumed name or alias) will allow you to retain your anonymity.

What will happen?

In all cases, EIO will acknowledge receipt, register and evaluate your complaint, and investigate the allegations  of misconduct, if warranted.

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